Adam Carter

Alexandria, Egypt.

Innovative Global Educator with passion for instilling global citizenship in students of all nationalities through history/social studies and social action projects. In seventeen years of international experience, has traveled, taught, worked and studied in over eighty countries. Has personally developed and implemented global collaboration projects, bringing students from different continents into meaningful educational exchanges through a variety of media. In extensive cross-cultural experience, has developed formative friendships and partnerships and has delivered motivational speeches to schools, conferences and universities about his efforts to combine social activism and education. Socially-engaged, politically-savvy and endowed with lingual and social skills needed to connect with educators and students across many cultures. Creating and publicizing own non-profit organization has proved ability to tackle multi-faceted projects on a solo basis. Possesses a great rapport with kids of all ages and works well under pressure.

  • Work
    • Middle School Teacher
  • Education
    • George Washington University
    • University of Michigan
    • Fulbright Scholar
    • Teach-Now Certification Porgram
    • Acadia TESOL