Adam Cheevers

Co Wexford.

I just recently started recording my own music and also my own gameplay from games such as Battlefield3, Call of Duty Mw3 and Assassins Creed Revelations, I have not yet to upload any to Youtube but hope to do so when I get better recording equiptment.

In my spare time I love to play rugby with my local rugby team the Wexford Wanderers and I also love to play music with my band and we enjoy playing local gigs around Co. Wexford, we also took part in the Coca Cola Blast Beat battle of the bands where we won our local heat and got the opportunity to play in The Academy Co. Dublin.

During my time with the Wexford Concert Orcestra I got the opportunity to play in the Helix Co. Dublin in a national competition where we managed to come fourth in our group out of nine.