Adam Coomes

Kansas City, MO

Adam Coomes is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for technology. Coomes co-founded Infegy, an enterprise software company with flagship product Social Radar, an application that has revolutionized social market research. Starting as a two-person company, Coomes helped turn Infegy into an organically grown multi-million dollar corporation with clients such as Sprint, Land Rover, MTV, Walgreens, Sony and many more.

Adam is also known as one of the first members of Zaarly, a hyper-local marketplace for buyers. Adam helped Zaarly evolve from a 3-day project into one of the most valuable and fastest moving early-stage companies in history.

Currently, Adam consults under the name Salt, helping businesses innovate, simplify, and make a bigger impact by using startup philosophies and technology expertise. He's also a member of Startup Weekend, a non-profit organization created to inspire entrepreneurship. Coomes supports and contributes to the global startup movement, facilitating Startup Weekends and other events around the nation.

Adam was named as one of Bloomberg BusinessWeek's "Best Young Tech Entrepreneurs" and a "Top 20 In Their Twenties" by Ingram's Magazine.