About Me

I'm a pretty hard man to locate so here's some clues; My name is Adam. I live in Dublin, Ireland. I'm 19 years old with THE coolest date of birth of all time (January 1st).

When I'm not in college studying journalism, you could probably find me on a sports field with my friends. Whether it's the football pitch, basketball court, golf course or motor track you'll find me!

Do not be fooled, however, there is another side... I cook. Yes, you heard me correctly. I cook! Can't resist a good night in with food and watching films (and the occasional romantic comedy/chickflick). I'm pretty laid back, spend a lot of time with my family (there are a lot of us). I love to travel so look out for me all over the globe. I'm striving
to get my journalism degree and take my camera, books, pen and paper abroad someday.

That is me! Be sure to follow, like and contact my blog. There are links to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in the description so don't hesitate to look me up!