Adam Devincenzi

ive always hated writing bios. I never know how to start them or what to say. Plus you have to be all proper and gramatically correct. well thats not me. even though i can be proper and have good grammar i just choose not to use it most of the time. like im more creative (as shown in the back ground). i just do things differently. i also learn a little differently, i like to play and figure out things on my own. when i was learning photoshop my teacher showed us alot but also gave us time to play with the programs and when we found something he would come over and go into depth with it. if it wasent for this i wouldent know most of what i know in basicly any adobe program. basicly im trying to say im really weird. i dont really care if you dont like what i do. like ill have a pokemon shirt two pairs of glasses and my jeans when its like 100 degrees and i dont care, ima wear it because i want to hey thats jus me though.

  • Education
    • Newark Memorial High School