Adam Domaradsky

River Vale,NJ,US

Adam Domaradsky has worked in many fields, including counseling, photography, and the retirement industry. He started his career as a photographer in 2007, taking pictures of customers at Sears Portrait Studio, and helped them feel at ease and look their best. As a sports instructor he has always created new games to make the event or lecture interesting and instructive. His time as a counselor was spent at the YWCA Aftercare Program in River Vale, New Jersey, where he always found ways to make the instructions interesting for the children. As a server at a retirement home, Adam Domaradsky took orders and served meals to elderly residents in the facility’s dining room. In this capacity, it was essential for him to keep a calm, positive attitude and be friendly. His main goal is to set up a business where he can help people and of course make a profit.
Adam Domaradsky is family oriented and has spent much time in taking care of his family by tutoring his nieces and nephews. He took care of his elderly aunt and would drive her to church regularly when she broke her leg . He has also helped his uncle financially by advertising, marketing and facilitating the sale of a large amount of Belgium blocks located in his back yard.
Referring to himself as a avid sports fan, Adam Domaradsky has a passion for sports. During his high school career, he frequented the gym and played tennis as well as basketball. He enjoys watching professional sports and considers the New York Mets his primary interest, although he is also a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs.

  • Work
    • YWCA Aftercare Program
  • Education
    • Ramapo College