Adam Evertsson

Gothenburg, Sweden

The web.

Always changing. Always enticing. Always there.


Always changing. Always enticing. Always open source. And it's great.

I "found" Drupal in 2010, close to it's 10th birthday and have since then built many websites, both for myself and my hobbies but also for clients at work.

I teach Drupal, work with Drupal, learn more about Drupal and has a big part in the local Drupal community, and tries to help out globally as well.

I've organized three DrupalCamps (2012, 2013 and 2014) in Gothenburg. Really good camps, if I can say so myself.

I (mainly) blog about Drupal at and, if you want to read Swedish I also blog about movies, training and other stuff. But mostly Drupal. Becuase Drupal rocks!

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    • Gothenburg, Sweden