Adam Farmer

Public Speaker, Coach, and Consultant in Chicago, Illinois

CEO of Adam Farmer Ministries and Founder of Nehemiah Leadership Academy (NLA), Adam is a master connector who is truly an advocate for the entrepreneur.

His purpose in life is "To Promote The Spiritual and Professional Well-Being of Mankind.” With a unique set of skills, Adam is able to be a "Marketplace Minister" and communicate his belief that God wants his people to be profitable in both their faith and their finances.

The Nehemiah Leadership Academy is a global movement of visionary leaders who use our faith to do two things professionally, #1 we invest our money and time with the sole focus of building business assets in the Network Marketing Industry and #2 we invest our capital collectively to purchase complementary business assets throughout our global partnership community specifically to create jobs.

A native of Chicago’s Austin community, Adam became acquainted with the power of faith and hard work at an early age. While attending Seminary in 2005, Adam found a natural connection between the church and business. The outdated business models led him to find cross-functional synergies which drive change with a purpose, creating sustainable business models. Today, Adam is committed to demonstrating people who want to build businesses can be successful with a continuous and encouraging team to provide guidance and support.

Adam holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Illinois State University and a Master of Divinity from The Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University. He is married and is the proud dad of two boys.

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