Adam Farmer

Entrepreneur, Educator, and Investor in Chicago, Illinois

CEO of Adam Farmer Ministries, Founder of a Leadership Academy (LA) and a New Business Accelerator ("NBA"), Adam is a master connector who is truly an advocate for the entrepreneur.

His purpose in life is "To Promote The Spiritual and Financial Well-Being of Mankind.” With a unique set of skills, Adam a "Marketplace Minister" is able to effectively communicate his belief that God wants "You" to be profitable in "Your" faith and finances.

The Leadership Academy is a global movement of visionary leaders. Faith is taught to develop self-leadership processes. We believe that you must first learn to lead yourself well.

The New Business Accelerator deepens the lessons on faith to produce physical manifestations. One of the approaches is financial education of equity markets as a potential source of financial wellbeing. Another approach is the acquisition of cash-flowing business assets as a foundation to create healthy and wealthy communities.

A native of Chicago’s Austin community, Adam became acquainted with the power of faith and hard work at an early age.

For the past 20 years, Adam has been integrating the inter-disciplinary principles of science and theology to drive change with a purpose thus creating more sustainable business models.

Adam holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Illinois State University and a Master of Divinity from The Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University. He is single, lives in Chicago and is a co-parent of an amazing teenage boy.