Adam Filipowski

Krakow, Poland

I am a co-founder of Lifetramp, a new exciting start-up, proving that life begins at the end of our comfort zone. I am also a founder of 314, a high-impact web and mobile development firm with offices in both Poland and the UK.

My passions are growth hacking, productivity, automation, agile methodologies, usability and recently philosophy. I'm a big fan of Design Thinking, Kanban, Rowe, Scrum, Kaizen, Rails, Django, "The Internet of Things", Ripple, Bitcoins and small weekend experiments. I believe that a "can do" approach produces results, that less sometimes really is more, and that the journey and the destination are both important.

I'm a motorcycle driver, a bad pianist and (just a little bit better) guitar player. Occasional windsurfer, snowboarder and glider pilot.

Previously I served as CTO of Schoople, founder of the NaKlate and Topastic t-shirt stores, as well as co-founder of both the ScanMe social barcoding service and Sprog Industries Games

If you're also keep wondering what would the world look like in 3 to 7 years time, get in touch.