adam fitch

Marketing, Public Speaker, and Father in Encinitas, California

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Fitch has launched companies, web-based platforms, and consumer software products – from inception through sale – via retail and licensing in software, mobile, and financial services industries. He brings extensive product development and marketing experience to OrangeGrid team and has performed high-profile technology demonstrations alongside partners, including Intel and Microsoft, throughout the United States and internationally in Barcelona, Shanghai, and Taipei.

He most recently served as chief marketing officer for the Albertelli Law (ALAW) family of companies, where he gained a keen understanding of the financial services industry. He led the marketing and business development efforts of ALAW subsidiaries; such as PREO Auction, PREO Mortgage, Brightline National Title, U.S. Legal Pubs, as well as ALAW’s full-service real-estate law firm, which represents many of our nation’s top financial institutions, from securitization through origination and asset reclamation.

Growing up, Fitch called Hartford, Los Angeles, Long Island, and Atlanta home. His experiences include acting in television commercials and on stage, promoting products at shows and sporting events, and developing websites for both clients and as advertising revenue generators. When not developing the next big opportunity for OrangeGrid, you can find Fitch cooking lobstah’s in Machias, Maine or chasing his two-year-old twins in Encinitas, California.

BUCKET LIST: I want to see the world, jump out of airplanes, experience weightlessness and see for myself that the earth is round, direct a film, deliver a riveting speech to giant crowd thirsty for inspiration, brew my own beer and market it, spend a month on a private island, write a play, cause one to smile daily, risk everything on a hunch, save a life, create a life, invent something that people use, show up at the airport with my passport and take the first available flight, hold a public office, appear on a gameshow, accomplish something once deemed impossible.

...Now with two year old twins and a third on the way, everything seems both possible and impossible.

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