Adam Galland

Adam Galland serves as creator and co-owner of Innovative Matrix, a customer relations management (CRM) firm he established with his brother. After a disappointing experience with a CRM solution he used that prevented his business from running smoothly and profitably, Adam Galland decided to alter the focus of his company to provide others with reliable CRM service. With years of research, trial, testing, and application, Adam Galland began offering a top-notch CRM and retail management solution, which is currently the fastest growing service of its kind on the market.

Adam Galland credits the success of the Innovative Matrix CRM to three traits: reliability, versatility, and responsibility. Adam Galland understands the importance that clients place on continuous access to the CRM, the ability to communicate directly with the CRM managers, and the expectation that all aspects of the CRM solution will function on command. Additionally, he recognizes that each client has different needs and accordingly provides a service that can be individualized to suit clients’ respective specifications. Finally, Adam Galland and his team at Innovative Matrix take responsibility for the services they provide, maintaining open, honest communication with clients and aiming to provide excellent customer service.

Adam Galland’s Innovative Matrix CRM solution offers a variety of helpful features. The CRM service provides tools to manage process transactions, which allow companies to bill a customer, store customer information, and notify the appropriate department of a customer’s request. Adam Galland’s Innovative Matrix service also offers a billing page so users can keep track of product billing and revenue, with the ability to customize results and analyze product trends. Another popular aspect of Innovative Matrix is the customer support: with a professional support team willing to help, clients can obtain answers to their questions if an issue should arise.

In his free time, Adam Galland contributes to nonprofit organizations such as, the Boy Scouts of America, and the Friends of Scouting campaign. He is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Additionally, as an avid biker, Adam Galland participates in many of Southern California’s races. To learn more about Adam Galland and Innovative Matrix, please visit