Adam Gearke

Adam Gearke

Market Research | Analytics | Big Data

I am a senior Business Administration Major with an emphasis in Marketing. I have always enjoyed the broad field of marketing and it was not until recently that I discovered a passion for Market Research.

My drive to pursue Market Research originates from a class I took last semester (Analysis and Market Research). In the class, my team and I appealed to a third party company by identifying the target market to market to along with suggestions for the company going forward that were backed by the research we compiled. Ever since then, I have been entranced with the relationship between two unrelated variables. I want to be a part of a team that helps a firm decide which direction to go, based on research gathered.

Outside of school, I enjoy hanging out with my friends whether that be snowboarding down Copper or simply lounging on the couch and catching up on the latest "Top Gear" episode.

I also enjoy athletics and cars. My favorite sports to play are soccer and basketball. The club soccer team that I was a member of made it to the regional tournament my senior year. My favorite position to play is attacking midfield because I love being a part of the attack, getting teammates involved and above all, scoring goals.

My dream car is a Ferrari Testarossa. I would love to pursue racing once I have the capital to get started. I enjoy rally car races as well as Formula 1.

Please reach out to me via twitter and google+. I am eager to begin working and will demonstrate my work ethic at your company through an initial internship opportunity.

"The rain drop does not understand its power until it is part of the flood."