Adam G. Katz

online marketing in Reno, Nevada

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After graduating from the University of California at Berkeley with an Interdisciplinary Studies Field Major and then working in the advertising industry, Adam G. Katz went on to start several successful businesses under the corporate umbrella of Browning Direct.

But the power of pay per click advertising– and how it affected the profitability of those businesses– was what fascinated him the most.

Browning Direct, Inc. was originally started in the late nineties and found success developing and marketing information products and services in a variety of niches.

After one particular project based around a dog training subscription website singularily made him enough to pay off the mortgage, three cars and several years living abroad– he was hooked on the art and science of pay per click advertising. And finally at a place in his life where he could figure out what he wanted to do next.

Writing novels was fun for awhile. Especially the royalty checks.

Still is.

“You need to get out of the house every once in awhile,” said his wife, Carla. “Why don’t you start a PPC agency? At least that way you’ll have an excuse to schmooze with other local business owners.”

Not a bad idea.

Besides, the thrill of creating an ad campaign that can have a profound effect on a business’s bottom line was a siren song too powerful to ignore. Not to mention the chance to help other small business owners grow their companies.