adam golden

Writing is therapeutic. Though that may not be the word prescribed to the writing process during the late hours of laboring over a 10-page research paper, I can definitely find solace in picking the right words for getting my ideas across. Reading and writing has run in my family. Both of my parents were journalists for CNN. Their jobs required savvy analytical skills in order to prioritize important stories and appropriately broadcast those stories to a wide audience. Coincidence or not, I feel that my skills as an analytical writer overshadow my chops as a creative writer. An effective analytical paper typically follows a logical path of thesis and support. Creative writing is far more open ended. Sometimes I'll never feel that a short story is complete. Writing captivating imagery can be difficult for me, especially if I'm not 100% excited about the story I'm writing. This semester I hope to improve my skills as a creative writer through reading others' works and critiquing my own writings. I also look forward to helping cultivate the skills of my classmates through effective peer review and lively class discussions.