Adam Goldin

Economist in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Adam Goldin has always been enthusiastic about international affairs, taking a great interest in the way countries interact with each other. Adam also discovered an interest in economics when he took a few classes in the subject in Junior High School and High School.

For his undergraduate degree, Adam attended Binghamton University, where he became even more passionate about economics and ended up gaining his Bachelor of Arts in Economics & Political Science. He later got a Master's in International Relations from George Washington University, and a Master's Degree in Economics from Fordham University.

Goldin brought his diverse education to many places of work. He first worked as a Research Assistant at the Hudson Institute. In this position, he examined lending criteria and analyzed SEC 10K reports. He later worked at the Welfare to Work Partnership, where he held the position of Senior Director of Community Affairs. This position allowed him to lead a multi-city project that helped people make the shift from welfare to work.

In 2002, Goldin began working at Moody's Investor Service, securing a position as a Senior Associate within the Public Finance Regional Ratings Group. He was later promoted to the position of Associate Analyst. His duties included managing relationships with financial advisors, and analyzing the credit risk of municipal securities.

Adam then worked at Financial Guaranty Insurance Company, where he was promoted to Vice President of Public Finance. There, he evaluated variable rate deals, assessed municipal bond risk, and more. In July of 2012, Goldin began working as an economist at Moody Analytics. He still proudly holds this position.

In his position, he analyzes global financial markets and writes round-ups of recent European macroeconomics performance. He also writes Canadian economic commentaries. Adam Goldin loves to write and considers himself unique in that he approaches economics through writing. While many economists like to crunch numbers, Goldin takes a holistic approach using his affinity for writing, his background in international affairs and, of course, his love for economics itself.

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