Adam Hails

Birdsboro, PA

Adam Hails comes from a background of 3D modeling and incorporating the 3D models into his sales process. He can show clients exactly what they are purchasing before it is even purchased. This gave him a better chance of a client liking the product. Adam’s current project is Muirview, a company that pursues homeowners as opposed to contractors for their projects. Adam then met the CEO of VisionScape, John Porco who was impressed with his work and asked Adam to be a part of the process.

Adam Hails is a 3D Art Director / Consultant at VisionScape, a tool that produces a 3D landscape and outdoor living marketplace crafted to bring all participants of the planning, design and build process together, from consumers to professionals. It is the first of its kind.

VisionScape’s groundbreaking 3D technology allows customers to see their finished project before it has even begun and it encourages collaboration amongst the design team and customer through every step of the process using a directory of industry products as well as design and planning tools.

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