Adam Halpert

I'm a native Montrealer with a BA in Psychology and an MBA in Global Strategy and Leadership.

An international exchange to Singapore and a volunteer internship in the Philippines during my undergraduate studies catalyzed in me a love for travel, and I've been exploring ever since!

Volunteering in the Philippines made me realize that a fundamental understanding of industry was necessary if I was serious about contributing to society. As a result, after completing my undergraduate degree, I returned to Montreal to pursue an MBA at McGill University.

Sidebar: I was incredibly fortunate during this MBA to attend what I affectionately call Space Camp at NASA Ames in California. Ask me about this experience - it was amazing.

After the MBA, I was attracted to the challenge of starting my own business: I developed expertise in global investments, macroeconomics, estate and tax laws; completed the prerequisite licensing exams; and founded my own financial advisory practice. I guided clients from all walks of life through the financial planning process. If you have any questions about financial planning, I'd be glad to help.

In February 2012, I accepted the role of Managing Director at the Marcel Desautels Institute for Integrated Management (MDIIM) at McGill University, where I was part of a team responsible for developing an integrated approach to management – one that breaks down disciplinary barriers, embraces multiple perspectives and encourages holistic, context-sensitive thinking about organizations.

In May 2014, I left McGill to become a Kiva Fellow, serving in Africa to help bring banking services to financially underprivileged entrepreneurs. I spent most of 2014 and 2015 traveling the world and learning about different cultures in Africa, Central Europe, South-East Asia and Oceania.

In 2016, I returned to McGill as an MBA Career Advisor, supporting MBA students with their career planning, personal branding, networking strategy and job search skills development.

I'm fascinated by current affairs, politics, economics, psychology, literature, storytelling and photography. I also love to ride my motorcycle, climb mountains, read, play board games and scuba-dive. Drop me a line if you share any o