Adam Clark

Customer Experience Consulant in Sacramento, California

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I am at my best when I am teaching, analyzing, architecting, and implementing the principles, strategies, and habits of successful customer engagement. For me, this includes working with people, policies, processes, and technology within companies to help better engage with the human beings they call customers. I work to create the types of relationships that are meaningful, relevant, and that build something beyond just an "experience".

I believe in re-connecting, in truly engaging. Not just using a new term for a 50's philosophy of marketing and sales.

I believe in building meaning into what we do through relationships that matter.

I believe in Sincerity, Consideration, and Caring.

I believe in humans and that the human spirit is beautiful and naturally good.

Every day, my motto for me and those I work with is, "Go Home Happy"!

  • Work
    • Constant Crowd
  • Education
    • BS: Geography BS: Environmental Science
    • Brigham Young University