Adam Hochfelder

111 Broadway, New York, NY

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Adam Hochfelder is a real estate executive who has achieved such success by his early 30s than most people aren’t able in a lifetime. He was born and raised in Old Westbury, a village on the North Shore of Long Island, as the son of a garment manufacturer. In 1993 Hochfelder graduated from Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. After his sophomore year, Adam Hochfelder landed an internship position at a renewed real-estate company, as stared building his professional career.

Three years after graduating from university, Adam Hochfelder started his own business venture Max Capital Management Corp, the real estate firm. Under the direction of Adam Hochfelder, the real estate firm achieved great successes and gained a significant profit. In a short period of time, Max Capital lead by Adam Hochfelder had managed to acquire some of NYC’s most luxury properties, along with several residential buildings in Chicago. Hochfelder’s business and management skills were soon noticed by some of the biggest players in the real estate scene. After a while Adam Hochfelder had the opportunity to work side by side with some of the nation’s largest institutions.

Based on his exceptional skills and astonishing prosperity, Adam Hochfelder earned the title Wunderkind of New York’s real estate scene. Hochfelder and his business acumen even got to one of the wealthiest and most respected investors in the world, closing a major deal and creating a perfect portfolio full of successes. This opened many doors for Max Capital and placed Adam Hochfelder among the most powerful real estate executives within USA.

Beside his tremendous success in the real estate industry, these days Adam Hochfelder is more than happy to be a part of the leadership and manage the Real Estate Acquisitions & Development sector at Merchants Hospitality.