Adam Horne

Paris Area, France

Madam, I’m Adam, a palindrome and senior digital creative from Australia currently working in Paris, France. I’ve got eight years experience in the digital advertising game. I’m a native English speaker driven by curiosity.

I want to know how people tick. How technologies work. What makes people laugh until milk comes out their nose. Why people play darts. Why they buy one brand of jean over another.

I’m fascinated by how modern communication tools influence the relationship between people, places and products. It’s amazing to see all of this stuff being redefined right in front of us.

I’m most at home when I can campaign ideas across all media without prejudice. An idea will tell you where it wants to go. I’ve developed and executed campaigns across almost all traditional and digital channels.

When I’m not working hard for my clients I enjoy cross country shopping, deep sea reading, downhill mountain painting, long distance sculpture, and gravy training. When you’re not working hard you should check out my website.