Adam Israel

A writer of things and an observer of people. I write code because I like to make things go and I write words because I like to make the images in my imagination a reality. There's an act of creation inherent in both that fill me with joy.

In roles from Software Engineer to Chief Technical Officer, I've spent more than fifteen years designing, writing, and maintaining high availability web applications. I've written code in more than a dozen languages, but I prefer Perl when I can help it. I also advocate the use and contribution to open source software whenever possible.

As a writer, I'm a former news writer/columnist at Ars Technica, and a contributing writer to BookLifeNow and Inkpunks, and webmaster for the Clarion Foundation. I'm the Creative Director for Electric Velocipede, I read slush for Lightspeed Magazine, and I'm a member of the Codex Writers' Group. I am a wearer of many hats.

Finally, I am a proud graduate of the 2010 Clarion Writers' Workshop.

I've lived near Chicago... and New York... and Los Angeles... but now I live in southwest Ontario, Canada with my wonderful wife, three dogs, and three cats.