Adam Jacky

Applied Arts Pavilion 7291 E. Sonoran Arroyo Mall

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Hey all! I am Adam and I lead worship at Sanctuary, a church located on A.S.U's Polytechnic campus! I am 30 and love Christian music, oldies and country from back when. I've been at Sanctuary over a year and LOVE my new church family!

Sanctuary is a unique ministry where none of it's staff members are paid. If you would like to learn more about that and how you could be involved, email me!

[email protected]

Want to be a part of financially supporting the ministry I do and reaching students on the Poly Campus, click the "Supprt Adam's Ministry" link next to my picture at the top! Thanks!

We meet in The Black Box Theater at 6pm Sunday evenings. Address is below!

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    • Mesa, AZ 85212