Adam Jacobi

Teacher, Consultant, and Web Developer in La Crosse, WI

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"All the world's a stage." -Wm. Shakespeare In high school, I successfully completed the International Baccalaureate (IB) program and this had a profound impact in my life. IB forces students to stretch their minds and learn while realizing the greater implications of knowledge for forging a better world. My liberal arts undergrad education extended this worldview and combined with my post-baccalaureate exposure to Jesuit ideals of "people for others," you might say I developed into the futurist I am today. A passion for education as a central component of working toward a better world defines who I am. I have been blessed with some great opportunities in my life, especially through some of the amazing students over the years -- from Rufus King, around the United States, and across the world -- who have touched my life. I absolutely love my current job, because it combines the best of what my professional career has built to at this point in my life: education, public relations and constituent relations.

  • Work
    • Wisconsin High School Forensic Association
  • Education
    • Rufus King High School
    • Minnesota State University
    • Mankato
    • Carroll University
    • Marquette University