Adam Berkowitz

West Hartford CT

Adam Berkowitz has built a reputation as an energetic teacher and performer. After studying with Maureen Hurd and completing a DMA in Clarinet at Rutgers University, Adam’s current focus is on pedagogy. Based in West Hartford Connecticut, he is on the faculty of The Hartt School Community Division. There, he teaches a studio of private students and coaches chamber music. He is also the Community Division administrator for two newly created satellite programs. Recently Adam completed his first method book Advanced Contemporary Techniques for the Clarinet. The book guides students who wish to learn about double tonguing, circular breathing, singing while playing, and multiphonics. In August 2011, he was a featured presenter at the International Clarinet Association convention in Los Angeles. However, Adam’s interests in teaching do not stop at the clarinet. He has also taught a wide range of courses and lectures including music theory, music history. In 2009, he was granted the opportunity to teach the University of Hartford’s first course in Jewish Music. When not teaching, Adam enjoys learning about such diverse subjects as electronic music using Max/MSP, conversational Hebrew, and martial arts.

  • Work
    • Clarinet Faculty: Hartt School Community Division
  • Education
    • DMA
    • MM
    • BA