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Adam J. Smith

Project Manager, Father, and Public Speaker in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Adam J. Smith

Project Manager, Father, and Public Speaker in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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For 15 years Adam has held executive positions for some of Canada’s biggest brands in the financial, political and charitable sectors. In January 2017, he launched a new consulting practice in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Adam’s passion for helping people and organizations reach their potential through a deep commitment to excellence is visible in all he does – In his career and how he spends his time.

Most recently, Adam was Vice-President, Marketing and Communications for United Way Centraide Ottawa. He oversaw a significant transformation of the organization’s brand, marketing and digital engagement capabilities, all with strong results.

Since January 2017, he has collected a healthy number of clients across a variety of sectors. He loves what he does professionally and enjoys collaborating with others in spaces of mutual interest.

Adam has held a variety of positions in both official Ottawa and in our city since moving here for the third time in 1994.

He’s pleased to see the government’s recent announcement about an Affordable Housing Plan. His work over the last few years learning more about the history of our land, culminating in having a role in Nation-to-Nation relations is very rewarding. So is the extensive work he does on most things digital for non-profits, and a desire to fight for those of us who don’t necessarily have a voice. Generally, I like using my muscle. The culmination being big projects of tremendous interest and there is so much more to do.

Adam holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Ottawa. In 2012, he completed a Masters Certificate in Project Management through the Sprott School of Business and achieved his professional project management designation (PMP).

His primary professional goal is to build high-performing teams that help organization's overcome their most complex challenges. If you share a similar passion, he would love to hear from you.