Adam John Williams

London, UK

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Hi, I'm Adam John Williams.

I consider myself to be the following things in no particular order:

Artist / Musician / DJ / Music Producer / VJ / Projection-Mapper / Video Producer / YouTuber / Event coordinator / Performer / Public speaker / Video presenter / Hacker / Maker / Inventor / Coder / Designer / Engineer / & any combination of these things.

I spend my time making music, inventing things, creating pieces of art, and running Music Technology hackathons at Music Tech Fest.

I'm super passionate about the intersection of art, science and technology, and how the careful combination of these fields has the power to shape the future of human cultural expression.

I've had some health battles in my life, which for a fair while made me a wheelchair user, and that period of disability enabled me to discover another passion of mine, accessible music technology. I believe that the careful use of technology can enable people with any level of skill, experience, and physical or mental ability to have an outlet for their feelings through creative self-expression. In this incredible technological age, there simply should be nobody who finds they have the will to express themselves, but whom cannot do so because of the limitations of the tools available to them.

I'm always on the look-out for interesting jobs, projects & collaborations so please get in touch!

  • Work
    • Apple
  • Education
    • London College of Music
    • University of West London