Adam Kaszycki

Adam was born in a town unlike any other town but similar enough to be mistaken for any town. He's been known to sip spiked lemonade while rockin' the porch swing. I'm fast approaching 35 years of age. I remain 5'11" tall and hold steady at 170-175 pounds depending on how many bananas my simian chompers have devoured. My hair is slightly wavy when allowed to grow fat and tall. My eyes are blue or bluer depending on the light and the reflection from surrounding objects, and I wear down my running shoes at odd angles. I am Taurian; a Westerner by birth, and a Southern Midwesterner by multiple transplants; a loyal patriot of the arts and the well-meaning but jittery owner of two cats. I live on the fringe of North Oakland, right at the cusp where most people will lie and claim Berkeley as their turf. I have a home studio/gallery where all manner of racket and laughter escape under the guise of serious work being done. I am experimenting with drinking smaller amounts of much stronger coffee; and during fits of insomnia (which I swear has nothing to do with drinking smaller amounts of much stronger coffee) I have contemplated horror films, what Wi-Fi looks like in physical form, motorcycles, patriotism, corruption, metallurgy, sandstorms in Iraq, the coming revolution, insurance, God, ping pong, how best to consume the novel "House of Leaves" and the prospect of making my own gin in a tub behind the building I reside.