Adam Kutner

A resident of Las Vegas for nearly two decades, Adam Kutner possesses a thorough understanding of the practice of personal injury law in the region. As the head of the Law Offices of Adam S. Kutner, he represents clients who have sustained injuries due to vehicular accidents. He additionally offers consultation and representation for clients seeking redress for dog bites, spinal cord injuries, brain trauma, and wrongful death. Mr. Kutner has taken on more than 17,000 such cases and has received recognition from the American Trial Lawyers Association as one of Nevada's Top 100 Trial Lawyers.

In order to assist and support current and prospective clients, Mr. Kutner maintains a blog addressing salient topics in personal injury law. Accessible through, the blog provides advice for how to avoid vehicle accidents and other forms of personal injury, focusing on common hazards in the Las Vegas area. Mr. Kutner also frequently includes tips on safe and sustainable ways to handle the aftermath of accidents when they do happen. His latest posts have covered such regionally specific topics as Las Vegas' high car-accident rate, as well as more general advice, including how to avoid distracted driving.

Mr. Kutner's work in Las Vegas-based personal injury law began with his role as a defense attorney for an insurance company. Acting as a representative for the company as it countered personal injury claims, he became acquainted with the nuances of the law, which he currently utilizes in defending the victims of such cases. Beyond his professional work, Adam Kutner contributes to the Las Vegas community through a variety of charitable enterprises benefiting local youth-based programs.