Adam Cross


I grew up in a small town, but my ideas have always been colossal. I want to travel, learn, experience and accomplish as much as possible. Here are some highlights of my life story:

Graduated Magna Cum Laude

Received an award for excellence in Psychology

Inducted into the top 10% of all professionals in business

Seen most major US cities

Played live music in New York, Nashville, Atlanta, Charlotte, LA, Columbia, & more

Created two full length albums and one EP

Been featured on TV

Have been played in regular rotation on radio

Had my music published and promoted in Nashville & LA

Ran a Marathon (26.2)

Started my own marketing company

Worked on over 100 events (execution and marketing)

Helped market and promote over 400 businesses (design, advertising, strategy, consultation)

Created record growth at Portico Publications

Worked as a bedside musician at a Children's Hospital

I'm always contemplating the next chapter and here are a few "to do's" on my list

See the Great Wall of China

Get my pilots license

Work in marketing for a tech company in California

Visit Mount Athos

Be involved in a technology breakthrough (research, marketing, etc)

Meet more interesting people

Learn at least 1 more dance move ;)

  • Work
    • Marketing
  • Education
    • University of South Carolina