Adam Leitman Bailey

Real Estate Attorney in New York, NY

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Adam Leitman Bailey is the founding partner behind a law firm of the same name in New York City. The firm, Adam Leitman Bailey P.C., centers solely on real estate law and litigation and has become all but synonymous with some of the most influential industry cases of the new millennium -- and in some cases, served to shape New York’s real estate laws. A few examples include:

The Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act

Adam Leitman Bailey wielded an arcane and rarely-used law to either help thousands of home buyers rescind their contracts during the real estate or, more frequently, to negotiate price discounts for purchased properties. He succeeded in countless cases until Congress ultimately stopped Bailey and his firm by repealing sections of that obscure law -- the Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act -- in 2013.

The Save Harlem Association v. Kimko

When the owner of a Brooklyn multi-family building sold it to two different buyers and took their money, Adam Leitman Bailey intervened to ensure that his client, who has poured her life savings into the purchase, received the property. Bailey’s client had not purchased title insurance, but her opponent had -- and from the largest company in New York, to boot. The fierce battle included theft and fraud, but Bailey and his team never wavered; they knew that their client had signed her contract first. They also got on the recording line at 7 AM and recorded the deed 24 hours before their adversaries. These facts ultimately convinced the court to give Bailey’s client ownership of the building and change the recording system in New York City to make it more difficult for sellers to commit such fraud in the future.

Adam Leitman Bailey’s work in New York City’s real estate sector have earned him accolades and recognition from nearly every high-profile organization in the industry. The Commercial Observer named Adam Leitman Bailey as one of New York’s Most Powerful Real Estate Attorneys, and representatives for the Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review awarded him with an AV rating -- the highest possible ranking for both legal and ethical standards. He holds a 10/10 Avvo rating and a fellowship with the American College of Real Estate Lawyers, a premier organization for lawyers in the real estate sector. His standout work in the courtroom earned him a place on Habitat Magazine’s list of Who’s Who in Real Estate.