Adam Lindahl

Sports have always been asubstantial part of my life. Early in my high school athletics, my teammatesand coaches took notice of my leadership by electing me into Colts leadership.This was a huge honor, and showed me that I was a leader both on the field andin the classroom. However, everythingchanged my sophomore year when I tore my ACL. That traumatic event took sports out of my life for six months, andaltered what I envisioned for my future. Although I could no longer play sports, I maintained a positive attitudeand pursued leadership roles just like I had on the field. With my involvement in clubs andvolunteering, I found a way to fill the void that had once been sports. Ijoined Junior Achievement where I took a leadership role in PublicRelations. My company made over 500%profit for our stakeholders, which helped us win the Chicago-landcompetition. After my injury, I realizedhow much time could be used to improve my grades and give back to my communitythrough volunteering. What I thought was going to be detrimental, turned out tobe a beneficial and rewarding experience. With more time to study and improve my grades, I was invited to theNational Honors Society. NHS made me feel as a part of an elite group thatvalued academics and leadership in the community. These values sparked myinterests in the business field. I worked for my father and joined BusinessProfessionals of America. I nowunderstand that what may seem like a difficult situation can be overcome withpositive thinking and hard work. I am currentlystudying business at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. I am also working at Group 360 Worldwide as aWarehouse Manager. Although I don’t knowwhere life will take me, I know my determination will take me great places.