Adam Livesey

Student in Montpellier, France

Welcome to my page! I am a young man in my early twenties, with a thirst for action and doing. After deciding that I wanted a career in Cross-cultural management I chose to embark on an exchange year abroad as a first step to engage practically in the cross cultural theories I have learned much about.

During 2014 I started an internship at a start-up tech firm in East London, which was enduring challenging process developing my interpersonal skills whilst I worked with programmers, entrepreneurs and financiers.

Commitment to the project is my strongest skill and I will work tirelessly to achieve this through communication and effective time management. This skillset has its roots in my Duke of Edinburgh Award, through which I attained Bronze, Silver and am awaiting completion of my Gold award. DofE equipped me with a strong sense of self and a thorough understanding of how teams work.

Following my Bachelors I will work and live in Taiwan teaching English for six months; immersing myself in another polar culture. This follows much learning about cross-cultural theories and my belief that in order to fully understand a concept, one must live said concept.

If my profile interests you please reach out to me here or on LinkedIn.