Adam Loveridge

I'm what you might call a serial entrepreneur. I've owned companies since I was 19 and have been involved in several successful ventures. I currently own a real estate investment firm, real estate brokerage and property management company and I specialize in lease option and seller financing transactions. I'm also a seasoned marketer and specialize in marketing real estate companies through local search, search engine optimization, video and social media marketing and traditional media. When I'm not working (which is far too infrequent) I enjoy spending time with my wife Tiffany and my two beautiful daughters, 6 and 8. I also enjoy producing and mixing electronic music and have a passion for music in general. I even started our my college years on a vocal scholarship. Last but not least, I'm a mountain junkie and spend as much time in the Wasatch mountains as possible. I enjoy mountain biking, back country skiing, hiking, snow shoeing, you name it.