Adam Lund Correa

Borås, Sweden

I'm a naturally curious person that
always continues to ask questions.
Learning and developing is a big part of my life.

12 years of Passion for Online

Currently CMO for ICGAB

Studied Ecommece Business at Hyper Island:

Hyper Island has been hailed as the digital Harvard of the industry and is widely acclaimed as one of the top digital institutions by the industry professionals.

"One of the world’s most innovative and digitally driven marketing schools"
- Forbes Magazine, August 20th, 2012"

Worked with consulting and own companies the last years

Sushi Addict, Climbing Enthusiast, Traveling Optimist

Speaking: English, Swedish, Spanish

If you want to get in touch with me:

Linkedin: Adam Lund Correa
Mail Me: [email protected]

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