Adam Michel

I am a musician from San Diego, CA. I am currently on staff at San Diego First Assembly as a Creative Arts Director/Worship Pastor. I have a B.A. in Music from Oral Roberts University, where I also studied Theology and Christian Philosophy. I have a passion for worshiping God and creating an environment where others can encounter Christ and worship Him in spirit and in truth. I am a native of San Diego, I was born in Chula Vista. I am an eternal "Band Nerd", and live music will always get my attention. My primary instruments are guitar/bass and voice, but I play a variatey of instruments including keyboard, piano, drums, clarinet, saxophone, and flute among others. Computer music is a large part of my creative life and I am proficient in many audio suites including Pro Tools and Reason. I enjoy the finer things in life: Star Trek, Star Wars, Super Hero movies (and comics), video games, and anything funny. I am a 100% Mac user, from an iPhone 4 to a Macbook Pro to an iMac, I am a Mac. I am true Football (Soccer) fan and a big supporter of Real Madrid C.F. and The Spanish National Team. I am a "foodie"; I love to eat and cook. My favorite food to eat is Indian food, specifically goat curry. I enjoy cooking Indian, Itallian, and French foods. A secret desire of mine is to go to Culinary School (maybe one day when I retire). Not only do I enjoy cooking because I get to eat the food, but cooking a meal becomes a creative process for me. (And it's usually delicious). I am blessed to be able to use my talents and abilities to serve the Lord and minister to people. I could not have asked for a better way to live than to be able to create music, work with other talented musicians and technicians, and bless God with songs of worship to Him. This blessing is not one that I take lightly, and I try to give the Lord my best in everything I do; from the smallest group to the largest service, God deserves our best. I believe strongly in equipping others for ministry and empowering people with the tools/skills they need to fulfill the call they feel God has placed on them. I am also a firm believer that the church should not only be empowering to its own congregation and to the community at large, but should also strive to help other churches and ministries grow and improve as they do the work God has called them to. We are all one church and we are all trying to share the love of Christ to a lost and hurting world.