Adam Miron

President of 7am Media Corp. Collector of tea.

Adam has worked with business owners, civil activists, politicians, NGOs, and political parties from Canada, the US, Morocco, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, and Hong Kong. He has spoken at conferences all over North America and East Africa.

In 2009 Adam co-founded the Ottawa-based online communications firm Pondstone Communications. By 2010 Pondstone boasted an impressive clientele including EDC, Sierra Club of Canada, The Liberal Party of Canada, Sustainable Prosperity, and Morguard Investments. In May of 2010, Adam left Pondstone to become the President of the 7am Media Group .

Studying at Cambridge University in England, Cape Breton University and Thompson Rivers University, Adam has been involved with campaigning, fundraising, and advocacy for more than 10 years. His political campaign experience covers multiple municipal, provincial, and federal elections, provincial and federal leadership nominations, and corporate board elections.

While National Director of the Liberal Party of Canada’s largest commission Adam increased fundraising for the commission by a historic high of 430%.

As campaign manager for the Liberal Party of Canada’s social media campaign in the 2008 Federal Election Adam managed a team of 7 and received the highest score given in Candidates’ use of digital media, social networking services, of all the federal parties according to “A Canadian E-lection 2008? Online Media and Political Competition” by Dr. Peter (Jay) Smith, Athabasca University and Dr. Peter John Chen, University of Sydney.

Recently 7am Media built – Canada’s political insight and analysis site.

With the Hon. Jerry Grafstein, QC as the chairman of the board Adam, 7am Media built The Wellington Street Post – a new kind of news.