Adam Osborne

Adam Osborne

There is an old saying that ‘the best way to learn is to teach’, this is certainly the case with medical professionals who regularly take to teaching as well as practicing medicine, Dr Adam Osborne himself has gained extensive experience as a teacher. Dr Adam Osborne earned his credentials as a teacher through many years of practical experience, after studying at the universities of St Andrews and Manchester, he gained a further decade of active experience in the practice of medicine whilst earning a specialisation in psychiatry and adult ADHD.

Dr Adam Osborne’s teaching experience actually began years ago before he was even qualified as a doctor. Whilst completing his undergraduate studies at St Andrew’s University over 1998 and 1999, Adam Osborne set up and ran a meditation and yoga society. His classes were aimed to teach both beginners and intermediate levels through a system of practical demonstrations. Once qualified in medicine, Dr Osborne applied those same principles of teaching through practical demonstration into his medical teaching.

Once his studies were complete and he was established working as a professional practitioner, Dr Adam Osborne turned his hand to teaching medical students. As Senior Health Officer in general adult and rehabilitation psychiatry at Trafford General Hospital, Dr Osborne provided training to his FY1 colleagues as well as GP trainees. He provided training through on the job advice, guidance and case based discussions. Whilst with Trafford General Hospital he would also give specific tutorials regarding on-call duties, dementia and use of antipsychotics in elderly population throughout 2006 and 2007.

From then, in 2007, Dr Osborne was responsible for teaching up and coming medical students in an active, practical environment, instructing through demonstrations with bedside teaching, interactive tutorials as well as case based discussions.
Recently Dr Osborne has been putting his specialist psychiatric knowledge to good use with numerous teaching institutions. From 2011 to 2012 he trained and practiced as a Problem Based Learning (PBL) tutor for medical students at the Imperial College London.

Dr Osborne is currently involved with the development and subsequent teaching of a new vertical mental health module curriculum for medical students at UCL which aims to bridge the gap between the teaching of psychiatry and physical