Adam Park

I am 23 year old undergraduate from Wagner College with aspirations to have a career as an Intelligence Officer for the US Federal Government. Being an International Affairs major, I am always up-to-date on public policies, economic & technological trends. I guess you could say I'm a news junkie. Yet despite my future hopes, I am also willing to diversify into new careers because life is too short to build one's life over one goal.

If I could define myself in one word, it would be "food". I'm willing to go to any lengths to try something new or exotic (believe me I could be on National Geographic for some of the crazy stuff I have had). Because I take food very seriously, I am going have to warn you: Do Not Touch My Food... unless it tastes bad.

But despite all of life's pleasures, my true joy is sharing a drink with close friends. No matter what your day was like, nothing beats a nice cold beer and a good laugh with someone you can call "dude". After all, you are only good as the company you keep.