Adam Fred

I'm Adam Paul Alexander Fred(Long name xD) And honestly I'm obsessed with the band Blood On The Dance Floor..

I have a Facebook and a Twitter(: I have a bunch of friends that I don't even know and I just talk to on Facebook xD But the ones I do know are so sweet and caring and I just love them to death.

I obsolutely hate it when people call me a liar. It's like the worst thing ever because I don't see why I would lie or why you would even think that... Also when people hate on themselves.. I mean I'm not very confident about myself so I cant judge others.... I cry really easily.. I'm emo, YES I've cut myself and I've got plenty of scars.

I'm gay and dislike the haters who think they can hurt me or bring me down because they can't.

I'm 18, Live in Indianapolis, and have an amazing boyfriend named Cody. I'm random, shy, love to skate, sing, and text(:Also I'm obsessed with saying the word like so don't mind it when I say it 15 million times in one sentence ^-^