Adam Radly

As an entrepreneur and philanthropist, Adam Radly maintains an array of professional and personal commitments. Currently the CEO of Inova Technology, Inc. in Las Vegas, Nevada, Adam Radly oversees the company’s strategy and development. Since joining Inova Technology, Inc. in 2005, Adam Radly has increased revenue at the information technology services company from less than $1 million to $20 million through his extensive background in steering organic growth and growth by acquisition. Formerly the founder and CEO of ISIS Communications Ltd. in his native Australia, Adam Radly successfully established three startups and completed 15 acquisitions in the last decade, in addition to completing an IPO for ISIS Communications Ltd. and raising $50 million in the IPO and an additional $42 million in a secondary offering. Previously providing strategic advice to businesses in the communications, media, and technology fields, Adam Radly served as CEO of Eon3 Home Automation Pty Ltd., Valley Automation Resources, Inc.,. A founding board member of Nelson Mandela Children's Fund Australia, currently headed by former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, Adam Radly co-organized World Reconciliation Day 2000. Featuring an inaugural address by Nelson Mandela, World Reconciliation Day 2000 encouraged the open discussion of issues of reconciliation across a wide range of people and conflicts. Additionally, Adam Radly presented Nelson Mandela with a $1 million donation to Nelson Mandela's Children Fund Australia on behalf of ISIS Communications Ltd. Today, Adam Radly continues his charitable efforts through his own philanthropic organization, Radly Center. Based in Melbourne and Los Angeles, Radly Center supports several projects to confront and raise awareness of poverty, including the Accelerated Development Programs (ADP), Impact Nation, and Unified Help. Adam Radly is currently producing and directing a documentary about the first of a series of ADPs established in Mali in June 2006. Adam Radly studied banking and finance at Monash University in Melbourne. In his spare time, Adam Radly enjoys running, painting, and writing.