Adam R. Charpentier

technical writer in Johnston, Rhode Island

Adam R. Charpentier

technical writer in Johnston, Rhode Island

KVH Industries | Technical Writer | 2013-Current

I create installation manuals and user's guides in support of mobile satellite antennas, interview industry experts, and interpret engineering drawings to develop technical documentation.

A Cappella Zoo | Assistant Editor | 2013-2014

I review submissions for placement in the annual issue, judging grammar, structure, and creativity, and edit entries for consistency.

Various | 2012-2013

After our Japanese adventure, I met 2012 with an open heart but faced the same economic hardship as so many other willing Americans. While searching for fulltime employment, I worked as a temp, a substitute teacher, and a freelance writer, and busied my mind with journal writing. My perseverance paid off; in 2013, I found a surplus of work.

Travel Volunteer Project | Writer | 2011

My fiancée and I were invited to Japan as contest finalists after writing essays about the devastating 2011 earthquake in Japan. Once there, we were given an opportunity to speak with local officials in the Kanazawa area and participate in an exhibition concerning the economic fallout they faced. Although the blog was eventually written by a couple from the UK, we were so taken with the people we had met and the places we had visited, when our hotel manager suggested that we wed in his chapel, we agreed. We would give anything to visit Kanazawa again.

TYCO | Technical Writer | 2010-2011

I created datasheets for new products and revised legacy files using modern formats through collaboration with engineering and manufacturing.

Shoreline | Editor/Interviewer | 2008-2010

I interviewed J. Zornado for his then upcoming novel and edited the fiction and nonfiction submissions for publication.

  • Work
    • Writing, editing
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Arts (English) from Rhode Island College