Adam C. Rieth, P.L.L.C.

Bankruptcy should be an ending. It should be the end of worry, the end of stress and the end of threatening phone calls. It should also be a beginning. It should be a new start for you and your family.Bankruptcy should give you the opportunity to start over and put your feet on firm financial ground. You want an attorney on your side who can make bankruptcy as easy as possible and protect all of your assets that can be protected.

You want a bankruptcy attorney who practices in this area of law on a regular basis. You want to make sure that he understands all the nuances of the law so he can clear all possible debt and make sure that you take advantage of every law that allows you to keep specified assets. A lawyer who is well-versed and handles bankruptcy cases on a regular basis is best prepared to help you.

Payment is another area you want to discuss with a prospective lawyer. You want to make sure that declaring bankruptcy doesn’t make your financial situation worse, two things to consider when you hire a bankruptcy attorney:

Is a flat rate payment available and does your case qualify for it?

Is the attorney willing to set up a payment schedule for you?

Adam Rieth is a lawyer who can meet all your needs. With offices in Glendale, Gilbert and Queen Creek for your convenience, Adam Rieth will give you expert advice and be an active advocate for your rights. Payment plans and after-hours and weekend appointments are available to make it even easier for you. Call 480-222-5662 for a free, initial appointment.