Designer, Social Media Manager, and Consultant in Lagos, Nigeria

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I am a Certified, Graphic Designer, Digital Marketing Expert, and Social Media management .

My belief in the power of Creative Processes, Relationships, Techniques, and Concepts is vital for the explosive growth and development of small and middle scale businesses in the World.

My passion involves; learning and implementing new creative, innovative, automated, easy to use I.C.T related solutions, growing with a job, handling responsibilities and building positive relationships.

My Unique Product and Service Offerings include, but are not limited to;
- Graphic Design (Creative, Interactive Info and Branded Graphics that brings in Massive Result)
- Digital Marketing (Customer Attraction and Retaining; Increased Profit Margin Using Digital Media - Graphics, Video, Website & Social Media etc.)
- Social Media (Branding, Automation and Marketing to reach/retain more Clients)
- Blogging (Branded-Customized, Automated Blog for Individuals and Businesses

I personally devote a significant amount of time to each and every Client I work with, ensuring that they understand every Product and Service I provide and is satisfied 100% every step of the way.

I utilize a variety of Digital/Social Media Tools to help business owners grow their business, gain new customers, increase customer retention, and their overall profit margin.


MY INTEREST: Ranges from Technology to Design. I am also interested in Entrepreneurship, Reading, Computer Games and Innovation.


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    • Kwara State University
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