adam gibson

Atlanta GA

Singer/Songwriter Adam Dayton Gibson born in Atlanta GA.
Adam chose the drums as his instrument because they fascinated him. After playing in several different bands as drummer, some band mates of his moved to Athens GA for college. They needed a singer, so he went out for the job. His first show as singer was in front of 400 college kids at UGA. It "was fun" singing covers by the Allman Brothers and Rolling Stones, so he decided to sell the drum set he had just paid off and bought a microphone. Loading in for a show was a lot simpler with just a microphone and stand!
In 1992, Adam was offered a songwriting deal with EMI Music Publishing and moved to Nashville. During that two year stint, he met many of Country Music’s biggest stars. "From Waylon Jennings to Willie Nelson, Steve Earle to Vince Gill, wherever they were, so was I" states Adam. After two years and lack of a "HIT", Adam moved back to Atlanta and met Mike McKinley through a mutual friend. They hit it off as friends and became the songwriting duo that has led to what we know today as ADAMSDAY.

Adam Dayton Gibson (Vocals, Auxiliary) A former EMI Music Publishing songwriter, Adam’s lyrics meld the abstract and concrete, combining poetry and prose. His dynamic gospel stylings and melodic rhythms travel from the soulful to the aggravated to the ethereal. Adam feeds off of the backbeat and his own soulful effect, projecting through the audience to the back of the venue… Lots of people say Stone Temple Pilots, Personally we don't see it, or shall we say hear it, but hey that's a compliment. I would actually say we have a Gospel Southern Rock Black Crowes /Stones Exile type thing going on. Or maybe that's what should strive for. We are proud to be from the South, We have accents other people notice when we travel above the Mason Dixon. We like it. WE are a Rock Band from the South, so if that means we're Southern Rock, then to hell with it, We are Southern Rock.