Adam Shay

Global Talent Consulting Leader in London, United Kingdom

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I’m interested in understanding why you work where you do. Why did you say yes to that job offer, and how did you go about applying for your job? Had you heard about your employer before you made an application or did they just pop up out of the blue (or via a recruiter?) What was your immediate reaction when the offer was made? Did you start swotting up? Did you struggle to find a genuine account of what it’s like to work there? When you went though the application process did your desire continue to grow or were you turned off? Were your first few weeks smooth sailing or did you struggle to get the support you needed to succeed? Do you still like the job, do you want to stay there and feel engaged with the vision and values of the organisation?

I've spent my career trying to help organisations build emotional connections with current and future employees; to help them attract and engage top talent that have a lasting affect on the bottom line.I believe a well researched and well communicated employer brand should be at the heart of any talent initiative. I’ve worked across Asia Pacific and the UK for clients like IBM, AMP, ANZ, HSBC, Deloitte, Arup and many more.