Adam Sietz

Creative Development & Consulting, Public Speaking/Performance Coaching, and Comedy & Improvisation Training Expert in Blauvelt, New York

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When Adam Sietz was born, he smiled, smacked the doctor’s bottom and ordered a hot pastrami sandwich on rye. A consummate communicator, he eventually grew up (a debatable fact) and became a top media sales man, turned award winning writer/producer, turned award winning actor/comedian, keynote speaker & teacher.

Never taking an acting class did not stop Adam from performing in major Motion Pictures, Television, Radio, Video Games and to more than a quarter of a million people on the Broadway stage (3x). As a stand-up and improvisational comedian, he's made audiences laugh in clubs and venues on land and sea the world over.

Whether consulting, developing creatively, selling or producing content for television through his production company Big Hug Productions, writing comedy, children's television, performing on the stage, emcee/hosting or conducting public speaking seminars, workshops and retreats, he brings his special brand of humor and enthusiasm to every endeavor. While he has won some awards, signed a few worthless autographs and worked with many the top corporations globally, he has also changed a few diapers and washed many a dish.

Adam is always looking for new endeavors, new teams to play with and to help motivate leaders, build team confidence, inject humor, increase focus, strengthen support of each other, raise profits & spirits by delivering the goods (and sales) …and most of all, create more needed smiles and help others to do the same ;o)

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