Adam Siskind

new york, ny

Adam Siskind's concern for the environment led him to found Playback Clothing in 2008. Already an ardent supporter of recycling and a regular donor to Greenpeace, Siskind felt moved to do more to preserve the environment after watching Al Gore's documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. Adam Siskind responded to the film by forming Playback Clothing, a truly sustainable company that produces attractive and comfortable apparel from upcycled materials.

As part of his vision for Playback, Adam Siskind embraced the principle of "clear honesty." Siskind found that since there are no federal regulations for environmentally friendly clothing, many products labeled "organic" or "eco-friendly" actually have severe environmental impacts. For instance, "organic cotton" actually takes more water and land to grow than traditional cotton, and the dyeing process often occurs in developing nations with scant environmental regulation and vulnerable populations. Through Playback, Siskind offers consumers a better option. His company conducts rigorous studies to ensure that all its clothing is produced in a sustainable manner that respects workers' rights. The information gathered is readily available to customers.

Adam Siskind produces his clothing by collecting postindustrial cotton scraps, PET bottles, and glass bottles that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Siskind's company sorts these materials by color to reduce the need for dye later in the process. Playback Clothing then breaks the materials down into fiber, spins and knits it into the firm's "ecologic" fabric, and uses the cloth to make T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and peacoats.

Under Adam Siskind's guidance, Playback Clothing creates fashionable looks that help to preserve the environment. By the end of 2011, the firm had already reused over 5 million plastic bottles and 70 million pounds of cotton destined for landfills. In addition, Siskind's use of recycled cotton fiber has prevented over 1 million gallons of water from being used to grow cotton. With Playback Clothing, Adam Siskind has created a stylish way to work toward a cleaner earth.

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    • apparel, clothing. fashion
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    • Tufts University
    • NYU Stern School of Business