Julia Adams

Hello, my name is Julia. I am someone that love to talk and listen. Atleast, that is what my friends say. LOL. I am a stay at home mom and hoping to go to school one day. I am currently enrolled in Texas University. I am trying to get No Essay Scholarships. I am also working on my own site, and I should get more articles from my friends soon. I am also a lover of nature. In fact, we went to Busch Gardens today. (I am visiting my mom in FL) We got to see the Lions, the Flamingos, and a went to a bird show. The best part about today was simply creating memories. This was the most important part.

I will be down here again in the next few weeks. I just heard that they will be adding a few children's shows to the Busch Gardens too. I know my neiss love's elmo world.

Anyway, I have written enough about me. :) Take care!

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