Liz Adams

I'm an experienced health care provider and health policy researcher who specializes in evidence-based systematic reviews and medical writing...and a HUGE Boston sports fan.

I created a blog called Adaptive Sports Research Forum as an outlet for my many passions. I love all sports, and I remember how important sports was to me growing up. It was a critical part of my education and community, not to mention my social life, self-esteem and health. I was also acutely aware that many living with disability didn't have the same opportunities to participate, yet where they were available, the benefits were immeasurable.

In recent years, I've interacted with many wonderful people who sacrifice so much to offer these experiences to people living with disability. The opportunities for engaging in adaptive sport and fitness activities are expanding, but so much more needs to be done. With this blog I'll blend my background in evidence-based policy and translational research in healthcare with the world of adaptive sports in an effort to promote evidence-based programming and be an outlet for the great work going on out there."

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