Adam Sloggett

St. Louis, Missouri, United States

Adam Sloggett

St. Louis, Missouri, United States

I started diving into network security with a 56k modem and a 386 running DOS. I quickly learned that there was a system behind AOL and the computer and found my way around the BBS system. Within months I was running a wardialer and programming in BASIC. I've worked with the United States Air Force, National Security Agency and many contracting companies within the government structure. I've worked on Enterprise Level network strutures within the acidemic community as well as small business networks within the community.

Skill Set:

Penitration Testing

Web Application Security

Network Design

Python Programming

Custom Linux Server Builds

Linux Hardening

Exploitation Development





CCNA Security

  • Education
    • American Military University
    • Cisco Certified Network Associate
    • Missouri S&t
    • Comptia Certified